Choosing the right Botanical Face Mask to add to your Natural skincare regime

 Pure & Natural Skincare at its best

Do you know your skin is craving some attention and just not sure which of The White Pigeon Said Masks to add to your green and natural beauty regime? You’re not alone. We often get asked which mask best suits different skin types so we thought we would simplify things in one place and outline why each of our clean, green and toxin free botanical face masks are unique and which should be the next natural skincare product you welcome into your ritual.

So here is the breakdown of what each of our natural and mighty face masks will do for your skin! Each is biochemist formulated and jam packed with skin loving ingredients from nature without all the additive, fillers and synthetics. These bottles of botanical goodness are hand crafted in small batches on the Mornington Peninsula using only the best organic ingredients. Each is sustainably packaged in reusable and recyclable glass bottles with no plastic in sight.

Protect My Face

This mask is perfect for ageing skin but is also helpful in treating skin with rosacea and pigmentation. The hero ingredients you’ll find in this mask are detoxifying Australian pink clay, nutrient dense Rosehip powder and the antioxidant rich Pomegranate Peel.

• Suitable for sensitive skin

• Rich in Silica, which helps regenerate the skin

• Tames inflammation

• High in vitamin C, this powerhouse promotes wound healing and stimulates collagen production

• Inhibits the breakdown of collagen

• Protects the skin from oxidative damage

• Improves skins elasticity

• Rich in Vitamin C, E, A and D

Click here to view all the ingredients

Purify My Face

A nourishing mask to detoxify, hydrate and wake up dry and tired skin. It’s like a green smoothie for your face filled with the minerals and nutrients of barley grass, moringa leaf, colloidal oats and cardamom.

• Provides relief to irritated skin

• Oat proteins encourages the skin to retain water and stay hydrated

• Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties

• Packed full of minerals- iron, zinc, copper, selenium and calcium

• Barley grass contains high levels of superoxide dismutase, a powerful antioxidant

• Moringa is a powerhouse with a host of purifying properties and is rich in vitamins A, B, C, D and E as well as approximately 30 antioxidants.

• Cardamom is mineral & phytonutrient rich with proven anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

You can find more details of this soothing mask here


Rescue My Face

A powerfully healing face mask; it truly is a game changing face lover this one. Wild turmeric and Sandalwood are a match made in heaven, offering the ultimate combo to clearer skin. Added to these already curative ingredients are hemp seed, manuka honey and orange peel powder.

• Rich in anti-inflammatory compounds and full of antioxidants

• Wild turmeric promotes blood circulation and improves skin complexion

• Useful to tame inflamed and irritated skin and is therefore an effective acne treatment

• Lightens skin and fades scars

• Sandalwood is known to reduces rashes, blemishes, dark spots, pimples and acne and is thought to fight the signs of aging but reducing wrinkles with regular use.

• Promotes healthier looking skin

• Contains anti-microbial constituents that have been shown to modulate the skins immune system and assist in skin repair

We know this all sounds incredible inviting so you can find out more here

Revive My Face

A wholly nourishing and antioxidant rich mask suitable for those with sensitive skin; bursting with phytonutrients found in Blueberries and Maqui berries.

• Gentle Australian ivory clay is suitable for sensitive, younger or older skin and works to draw out toxins that have absorbed in the top layers of the skin

• Rich in antioxidants, including anthocyanins like delphinidin and malvidin, ellagic acid, triterpenes and flavonoids offering a multitude of benefits including neutralizing free radicals, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties

• High in Vitamins A, C, E and K , calcium and potassium

• Blueberry constituents can help strengthens blood vessels and assist in healing broken capillaries

• Brightens dull and damaged skin

Need more details on Revive My Face, check them out here

So, which one are you going to pick? If you can’t decide, we don’t blame you... We do offer all four of our face masks in sample sizes so you can try them ALL out before deciding which is your favourite! For $20 you can try all four with each sachet containing enough for two face masks – that’s 8 applications in total. Follow this link to check out our samplers

If you know which just which one suits you best, grab a full-size bottle with 3-4 months worth of weekly applications. For those who are after a special delight or gift, why not treat yourself or someone you love to our Face Mask Pack that comes with our custom made Jade Lees-Pavey custom ceramic Mask Spoon and a vegan mask brush for $48 (free shipping on this pack for a limited time). 


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